Why did the old man have no need to build across the chasm? (2023)

Why did the old man build the bridge across the chasm?

The explanation which he gave to the fellow-pilgrim for his thoughtful deed was that the young man following him might cross the chasm. Thus, he was building this bridge so that he won't fall. Was this answer helpful?

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How did the old man cross the chasm?

1. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The rapids held no fears for him But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide.

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What do you think the old man did not have any fear of the chasm?

The old man was experienced and was not afraid of the chasm. However, the young man was Inexperienced and the chasm could prove to be a pitfall for him. He too had to cross it at twilight, and the old man was building a bridge to help this youth.

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What did the pilgrim do although he had already crossed the chasm Why?

The pilgrim built a bridge, although he had already crossed the chasm. Was this answer helpful?

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Why did the old man have no need to build the bridge across the campus?

Answer : The old man had no need to build the bridge because he had already crossed the vast chasm and there was no need for him to cross that way again.

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Why does the old man stop and not go across the bridge?

Why does the old man stop and not go across the bridge? He doesn't know where to go.

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Why is the old man called the Bridge Builder?

The poem is called The Bridge Builder and it is a story of an old man who has to cross over deep canyon with water running through it. The man crosses the ravine himself and once he reaches the other side he stops to build a bridge.

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What is crossing the chasm simply means?

Crossing the chasm means being ready to meet the needs of the next round of new customers. By being aware of the upcoming hurdle and creating a strategy for getting around it, you improve your chances of success.

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What is the significance of the story old man at the bridge?

The Old Man on the Bridge is a short story which clearly depicts the true destruction caused by war. Hemingway uses an old man and some animals to make us realize where the true destruction of war lies. In most literary compositions regarding war, in order to heighten the pathos, stories revolve around young people.

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What was the old man afraid of?

\ His Horse they fear it old man \ Ta-shun-ka ko-ki-pa-pi, (Senior in this case) \ wrongly translated, Old Man Afraid of his Horses, \ really means His-horse is -feared.

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Who was Xiao looking for in the chasm?

One of the multiple storylines woven into the Perilous Trail questline features Xiao's quest to find the mysterious Nameless Yaksha, who was apparently involved in the battle at the Chasm 500 years ago.

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Why did the old man in the story the old man at the bridge refuse to go to Barcelona?

But the old man was so exhausted that he preferred to stay back for some more time and when he came to know that trucks were going towards Barcelona, he refused, as he didn't knew anyone there.

Why did the old man have no need to build across the chasm? (2023)
What was the main problem for the Pilgrims when they arrived?

Mayflower arrived in Plymouth Harbor on December 16, 1620 and the colonists began building their town. While houses were being built, the group continued to live on the ship. Many of the colonists fell ill. They were probably suffering from scurvy and pneumonia caused by a lack of shelter in the cold, wet weather.

How has the chasm been described?

How has the chasm been described ? Chasm (river) has been described as swiftly moving but when the old man crossing it, there were high tides. Q5.

What were the problems the Pilgrims faced on the journey?

During their two-month journey to America, the Mayflower's passengers faced cramped quarters, rough seas, limited food and numbing cold. During their two-month journey to America, the Mayflower's passengers faced cramped quarters, rough seas, limited food and numbing cold.

What happened to the old man in Old Man at the Bridge?

On returning to the bridge the narrator meets an old man, the last person to leave the town ahead. The seventy-six year old man explains that he was forced to leave his animals - two goats, a cat, and four pairs of pigeons.

What words does the poet use to describe the chasm?

(i) Tautology: Ans. To a chasm, deep and vast and wide. The words vast and wide have similar meaning.

Where was the old man going in Old Man at the Bridge?

Upon asking his political inclination, the old man reports that he is a simple man with no political side favouring. The soldier encourages him to walk some distance so that he can catch a truck for Barcelona.

Why was the old man the last one to leave the bridge?

Answer and Explanation:

The old man was the last to leave his town because he was looking after animals. Specifically, he was taking care of two goats, a cat, and four pairs of pigeons.

What prevented the old man to cross the bridge and move to a safer place?

Why doesn't the old man cross the bridge and escape to a safer place? further. He was weak, the old man had no family and he had left his animals behind, he felt helpless as he couldn't save his animals; he surrendered himself to his fate. 5.

What does the ending of the old man mean?

The Old Man ending explained: When Dan Chase reveals the big secret about “his” daughter, a lot of the show's mysteries are resolved. The risk Hamzad takes by killing one American intelligence agent (Waters) and burning another (Harper) so he could kidnap a third (Angela) suddenly makes sense.

What is the irony in the Old Man at the Bridge?

What is the irony in “Old Man at the Bridge?” The irony is that like a goat which is sanctified, the old man's fate is sealed on an Easter Sunday, a day of hope and faith.

What is the moral of the poem The Bridge Builder?

'The Bridge Builder' by Will Allen Dromgoole is a simple poem with a clear moral message about caring for others when there is no obligation to do so. The poem depicts an old man who, close to the end of his days, decides to spend his time building a bridge he does not need.

Why does the chasm exist?

The Chasm exists because after a certain point of selling the product to early adopters a sales plateau is reached where the next stage of growth is to take the product to the masses. This gap is between the innovators and the early adopters.

What does it take to cross the chasm?

At a high level, Moore's strategy for crossing the chasm consists of focusing your efforts on becoming the market leader in a very specific niche market, then expanding into other niches until you dominate the market. According to Moore, the reason this works is that it has an amplifying effect on marketing.

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