What is risk averse synonym? (2023)

What is risk averse synonym?

opposed to taking risks, or only willing to take small risks. Synonyms and related words. Careful and cautious. careful. cautious.

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What is another word for risk-averse?

Synonyms: beguile, betray, bluff, caboodle, cheat, cozen, dupe, gull, hoax, hoodwink.

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What is risk-averse in simple words?

reluctant to take risks; tending to avoid risks as much as possible: risk-averse entrepreneurs. of or noting a person who invests in stocks, bonds, etc., with lower risks and generally lower rates of return so as to minimize the possibility of financial loss: risk-averse investors who stick with government bonds.

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What is the best synonym for averse?

  • afraid,
  • disinclined,
  • loath.
  • (also loth or loathe),
  • reluctant,
  • unwilling.

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What is a risk-averse attitude?

People are risk averse. when they shy away from risks and prefer to have as much security and certainty as is reasonably affordable in order to lower their discomfort level. They would be willing to pay extra to have the security of knowing that unpleasant risks would be removed from their lives.

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What is opposite of risk averse?

What's the opposite of risk averse? Risk tolerance is often seen as the opposite of risk aversion. As it implies, you – or more importantly, your financial situation – can tolerate risk, even though you don't necessarily go seeking it.

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What's another word for risk taking?

What is another word for risk-taking?
123 more rows

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What is an example of risk-averse?

Examples of risk-averse behavior are: An investor who puts their money into a bank account with a low but guaranteed interest rate, rather than buy stocks, which can fluctuate in price but potentially earn much higher returns.

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What do risk adverse mean?

Updated March 27, 2022. Published December 7, 2020. Risk averse is a term that you may hear when talking about investment strategies and referring to the level of risk you are willing to accept. The term refers to an investor who avoids taking significant risks in their investments.

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Is it good to be risk-averse?

If you're risk-averse, it generally means you don't like to take risks, or you're comfortable taking only small risks. When applied to investing behavior, the meaning changes slightly, and it can actually be damaging to your ability to produce the best returns over time.

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How do you use averse in a sentence?

: having a clear dislike of (something) : strongly opposed to (something) He seems to be averse to exercise. No one is more averse to borrowing money than he is. —often used in negative statements to mean willing to She is not averse to taking chances.

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Does a averse mean?

Averse means strongly opposed to or having a feeling of strong dislike toward something, as in I'm extremely averse to taking on debt.

What is risk averse synonym? (2023)
What are the synonyms for aversion?

Synonyms & Antonyms of aversion
  • disgust,
  • distaste,
  • horror,
  • loathing,
  • nausea,
  • repugnance,
  • repulsion,
  • revulsion.

What are the types of risk aversion?

Types of Risk Averse
  • Safer (low-risk investment)
  • Higher risk investment.
  • Lower-income.
  • Loss return opportunities.
  • Less Training Investment Ability.
Mar 31, 2022

Is everyone risk-averse?

There was a recent 2019 study by Northwestern Mutual, which found that the average American has a fairly conservative financial risk tolerance (with an average risk tolerance of 4.9 out of 10).

Is it adverse or averse?

Adverse, usually applied to things, often means "harmful" or "unfavorable" and is used in instances like "adverse effects from the medication." Averse usually applies to people and means "having a feeling of distaste or dislike." It is often used with to or from to describe someone having an aversion to something ...

Which preposition is used with the word averse?

Averse is most commonly followed by the preposition to (as in "she is averse to shellfish"), but not in every case; you can, for example, describe someone as “risk averse." Normally, averse to signifies a degree of dislike and avoidance, but when preceded by the word not (as in “he was not averse to having another ...

What is the synonym of complacent?

smug, self-satisfied, pleased with oneself, proud of oneself, self-approving, self-congratulatory, self-admiring, self-regarding. gloating, triumphant, proud. pleased, gratified, satisfied, content, contented. careless, slack, lax, lazy. informal like the cat that got the cream, I'm-all-right-Jack.

What is the synonym of keen?

enthusiastic, avid, eager, ardent, passionate, fervent, fervid, impassioned, wholehearted, zestful, zealous, driven. willing, conscientious, committed, dedicated. diligent, earnest, industrious, assiduous, intent.

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